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Huck 202 Pneudraulic Tool (Huck Gun)

Product detail on the Huck 202 Tool

202 tool The Model 202 is a lightweight, high-speed tool that is well-suited for both production and maintenance/repair applications where 1/4", and smaller, diameter blind fasteners/rivets are used. The 202 features an in-line piston for production rates of up to 35 installations per minute. The 202's ergonomically designed handle and light weight (5.5 pounds) combine to minimize operator fatigue.

We also stock fasteners / rivets that the Huck 202 is used to set and remove for many applications!

Contact us online or call (866)748-3876 for ordering and shipping information on the Huck 202 Pneudraulic Tool (Huck Gun).

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